Taking into account that the progress of the works at the headquarters of the Costantino Reyer Sports Center in Venice Sant\'Alvise does not seem to give guarantees that the completion of the works will allow the use of the external area for events next spring and considering that in 2024 the 10th edition of the Venice International Dragon Boat Festival will be held,

we inform you that the Board of Directors of the Venice Canoe & Dragon Boat asd Association, on 21/07/2023, decided that for the year 2024 in the month of May only the service of using the Dragon Boat boats for the Vogalonga will be provided scheduled for Sunday 19 May 2024. The limited fleet of boats will be assigned in chronological order by contacting the email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and under the conditions that will be communicated to interested parties.

Otherwise, the 10th edition of the Venice International Dragon Boat Festival will be organiSed in September 2024, the Bulletin of which will be published, again on the website www.venicedragonboat.com, by 15 October 2023.


Tenuto conto che l’andamento dei lavori presso la sede sociale del Centro Sportivo Costantino Reyer di Venezia Sant’Alvise non sembra dare garanzie che il termine dei lavori permetta l’uso dell’area esterna per le manifestazioni nella prossima primavera e considerato che nel 2024 si terrà la 10ma edizione del Venice International Dragon Boat Festival, 

si comunica che il Consiglio Direttivo dell’Associazione Venice Canoe & Dragon Boat asd, in data 21/07/2023, ha deciso che per l’anno 2024 nel mese di maggio sarà fornito esclusivamente il servizio di utilizzo delle imbarcazioni Dragon Boat per la Vogalonga in programma Domenica 19 maggio 2024. Il limitato parco barche sarà assegnato in ordine cronologico di contatto all’e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  e alle condizioni che saranno comunicate agli interessati.

Diversamente, nel mese di settembre 2024, sarà organizzata la 10ma edizione del Venice International Dragon Boat Festival di cui sarà pubblicato il Bulletin, sempre sul sito www.venicedragonboat.com , entro il 15 ottobre 2023.

9th Venice International Dragon Boat Festival

Catania wins the mixed and women’s races, Kilkenny is first in the Social races

and Trifoglio Rosa wins the BCS category.


26 crews, over 400 participants, 4 categories and 4 winning crews. After many years of foreign domination, an Italian crew returns to victory. Now in its ninth edition (previous editions in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022), the Venice International Dragon Boat Festival took place on Saturday 27 May 2023 in the waters in front of the Costantino Reyer Sports Center at Sant’Alvise.  The dragon boat races were held in the morning and early afternoon, and followed with the classic parade through the canals in the late afternoon.

The event was organised by Dragon Boat Italia and realised thanks to the contribution of Venice Canoe and Dragon Boat asd and VCDB SERVIZI srls. “A great organisational effort” – commented the President Andrea Bedin – “which saw us engaged in ten days of moving boats and preparations.  We equipped our Sports Center with 21 dragon boats, an unprecedented record”.

The day began in the morning with the arrival of the crews, the meeting of the captains and the explanation of the race programme. Maria Balanos supervised all the operations. Great work by all the members of the Venice Canoe staff who managed every moment of the event, which took place in complete safety, thanks also to the contribution of the Regional Auxiliary Coast Guard.


Here are the results of the four finals:



1st - Jomar Club Catania (ITA), 56”08

2nd - Trifoglio Rosa Mestre (ITA), 59”5

3rd - Cyprus Dragons (CYP), 59”7

4th - Madrid Dragon Alberche (ESP), 1’00”7



1st - Kilkenny Acqua Canoe Club (IRL), 56”1

2nd -Kaag Dragons (NED), 59”4

3rd - Cyprus Dragon (CYP), 1’00”03

4th – 34°South (South Africa/Australia), 1’03”9


BCS (Breast Cancer Survivors)

1st - Trifoglio Rosa Mestre, 1’04”7

2nd - Droles de Rames – Annecy, 1’10”6

3rd - Pool of Life GBR, 1’15”7



1st - Jomar Club Catania (ITA), 49”8

2nd - Secklow Hundred Dragon Boat Club (GBR), 51”1

3rd - Secklow Hundred – TooSecksy (GBR), 52”1

4th - The Dutch Dragons (NED), 53”3


The complete race results are available at:  https://bit.ly/3oM7ewZ